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Thread: Mystery Final Drive Fluid

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    Mystery Final Drive Fluid

    In the process of winterizing my 2007 R1200GS for the first time (just purchased a year ago) I drained the final drive. What came out was a red fluid that looks like automatic transmission fluid. Anyone have any ideas on anything like that that might be used successfully in a final drive?
    The bike currently has 93,000 miles on it so I believe the previous owner knew what they were doing when they put whatever fluid this is in it.
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    The red color was from assembly lube.

    See this discussion a few lines below about what fluid and amount.

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    93,000 miles..... assembly lube.....
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    More than one company sells synthetic gear lube that is red. Not surprising, Redline is one of them, although Redline Heavy is a thick pink that resembles Pepto Bismol. At one time the private label stuff sold with the BMW logo was red. That was a few years ago though.

    What it is is of little importance, other than as a curiosity. The important thing is to install a GL5 rated gear oil of the specified viscosity.
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    There was a thread on one of the forums recently asking the same question. I don't recall the specifics but there were two or three different brands mentioned that had a red color. I wouldn't worry about the color, just make sure you use the correct viscosity and amount (I believe it's very important not to overfill) and have fun riding it.
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    It may have been ATF, who knows for sure at this point. Even if it was ATF I wouldn't worry about it. It is not like these drive lines are highly stressed.

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    My guess based on info provided is that it's Royal Purple gear oil. I've used it in FDs for years with success.

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    Most likely this stuff. Excellent juice for your tranny but not necessarily for the final drive although many use it for the FD.IMG_20181204_142554_366.jpg
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