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    A couple of years ago I rode to Glacier Park. I left home the Thursday before memorial day. The park was snowed in still when I go there. As I turned south Beartooth Pass in Yellowstone was also closed due snow. Mt Evans in CO opened the day before I got there. This year I went to San Francisco and back through Yellowstone via South Lake Tahoe. No smoke all the passes were open tourist were down since it was after labor day. I got up early and road highway 16A near Mt. Rushmore. There were two other vehicles on the entire ride. I guess you pick a time and hope for the best. I was going to ride through Yosemite. It had been closed due to fires but just reopened . The wait lines were 4-5 hours so I decided to do that park in the future.
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    We spend our anniversary at Chico Hotsprings about 30 miles north of Yellowstone. We can normally ride to Chico from our home and in most years ride thru Yellowstone on our way home. Not all roads are open but there are very few people in the park. Old Faithful has maybe 20-30 people roaming around; in the summer there are thousands of tourists. A good rule is to try to visit parks on a weekday when schools are in session. Yellowstone is unbearable during their peak tourist season.
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