I just bought a Leatt 5.5 and an Alpine Stars BNS pro Neck Brace to compare. I plan to wear them over my jacket which has back and should armor pads inside. I am barrel chested and have a size 49Ē chest in a shirt and 53Ē chest with the jacket. Both of above braces sizing charts put me outside the range for a L/XL . Which is what I bought and the largest size they offer. My jacket is a Rallye 4, I also use a Aerostitch R3 for daily commuting and in inclement weather riding. I ride a 1200GSA, mostly street 80/20. Live in the desert and ride a lot of trails too. I also do long distance road touring (iron butts).

My take so far.

Alpine Star BNS has a more convenient release mechanism in front, the pull tab broke on the first pull. You can stick any small cord through the whole, so not a huge issue. The BNS pushes into the chest and doesnít feel comfortable. I had to use the extensions for on the large since I think the BNS is made for putting over body armor and a shirt, not a motorcycle jacket. It is very narrow around the neck with the jacket collar inside (which is really the option for wear). It is very easy to take on and off. The rear part of the brace sits over my back protector and I think this is part of the reason for the poor fit, as it pulls the brace for backwards. I wanted to like it, but it may be going back. Much more range of motion than the below Leatt 5.5.

Leatt 5.5. Was more adjustable, but has a flimsy attachment mechanism. It is sorta hard to line up and snap together at the shoulder hinge, with the flex that it has. Practice Iím sure would help, but not as nice as the BNSís magnet lock above. It feels more comfortable over the jacket but is a pain to put on over the collar do to its side hinge vs front hinge method. The collars is always getting wrinkled up inside the brace. It limits movement much more than the BNS. This maybe in part to a should bad that sits on the jackets shoulder pads raising to unit up. It is hard to do mirror and shoulder checks, difficult to look down which is sort of important when standing and trying to avoid obstacles. However it sits more comfortably than the BNS if you arenít moving your head. It is definitely get exchanged.

Initial conclusion, I like the front locking mechanism better (BNS), if I could find a model thatís larger and works that would be the way to go. Read good things about Moveo braces, but you have to import them and not many local USA sellers. So I donít know if I would have issues with them too or not. I am going to exchange the Leatt 5.5 for a Leatt STX which is advertised to be worn over a jacket and is more street, adventure riding oriented than MX, dual sport like the above choices. Which is to be honest more what I do (disclaimer I have never been to Starbucks on my bike, however).

The fact that the STX comes in a 2XL size and is designed for over jacket wear, Iím hoping it will be the ticket.

The Leatís also have a rubber material on the top that would contact the helmet, which is stated to slow down head movements during a crash from the friction, vice hard plast like the BNS which lets the head twist faster. I have never owned a neck brace before during my get offs, so I have no idea...but it makes sense.

I try to do research and read forums and reviews before buying anything, but sometimes you donít know until you try it.

Hopefully the STX works out better for me. We shall see. I would love to hear what any of you are using for wearing over the jacket.