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Thread: It started with one job...

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    It started with one job...

    02 R1150RS

    In the midst of playing with throttle cables and idle speed, it has progressed on to braided brake lines, removing the ABS, fitting the new Wilbers rear shock and changing the Voltage Regulator to a 145v version.....
    I have bits

    I enquired about a higher voltage Reg a few months ago with my local BMW parts store, and was sent a link.
    I ordered it the other day and when I got it I found it was only a stock unit...grrrr, so I have had to send it back.
    I will now just add the diode to my original unit and move on. it will take too long for a new one to arrive.
    The new Spiegler lines should be here soon, and I can start putting it all back together.

    Still not decided on Bowden box location but have options.

    I may even see if the Battery can be moved forward, so I can use the space left by the ABS module for a storage area. ( tools ? )

    It should be a different bike when I'm


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    The Bowden box and battery, it seems to me, would be best left in their original locations. The cables and brackets are designed for the original locations. The battery needs to be very well held because of the momentum that could be generated in a collision. I had the ABS space available on my 2004 and I used it for custom controls location (relays, power distribution, etc.). It is not easily accessible space so its use for storage is far from idea. I had the same inclination that it was wasted real estate and ought to be used. I also used a diode on the original VR to raise the system voltage.
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