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Thread: RT side cases

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    RT side cases

    Any body know if the side cases on a 2016 RT will fit on a 2014 OIL COOLED(not water cooled) RT.
    Thanks in advance

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    One idea might be to check the part numbers from a Web based parts supplier for 2014 and 2016.

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    The part numbers are different but I was wandering if the mounting might be the same.

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    I think the part numbers are different because the exterior design changed for the wet heads. In the prior versions (I had a 2008 RT), the sides of the cases were flat. On my 2015 RT the cases added a little fin possibly for aerodynamics. I suppose you could go to a dealer and give 'em a try (if they'd let you). That said, the interior was shaped a little differently so that my RKA liners didn't fit as well in the 2015 RT cases vs the 2008 RT cases.

    I believe the mounting system for the both the Hexhead/Camhead cases and the K1600 is the same too.

    Anyway, welcome to the BMW MOA Forums!
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