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Thread: MOA Mag Twin Tech Articles

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwroady View Post
    +1 on a Wiki ... love the idea

    In the monthly Airmail publication they publish a technical tips by Oak section called Airtech. Being newer to airheads than many on here, I have jumped at the opportunity to purchase Oak's Tech Index for $25 and Oak's Top End Assembly Manual for $30. It will definitely benefit me, and hopefully benefit Oak's widow as well. Airmail says to send a request and check for the publication interested in to (hopefully it is acceptable to put this info here ... apologies and deletion of this is understood if I am breaking any rules):

    Carol Okleshen
    22637 Ridgeway Ave
    Richton Park, IL 60471
    I don't see a problem letting people know they are still available from Oak's wife. I had purchased my Top End Manual before Oak passed and found him to be an old school gentlemen. These are rare people these days and it was my pleasure to exchange emails with him. After he passed I decided to also purchase all the material he published for the Chicago BMW club. These ChiTech manuals (four of them) are still available online here: Later on I discovered that Carol Okleshen receives no benefit from the sale of Oak's manuals from Chitech so I wrote a letter to the club asking why. I also asked if they would consider compensating her somewhat now that Oak is no longer with us. They replied that Oak basically donated his work to the club and no, Carol was not receiving anything nor would she as his gift was to their club.

    If someone had the time and skills to put together a CD of Oak's technical articles from the AirList over the years I bet they would sell like hotcakes and this could be a nice source of income for Mrs. Okleshen going forward. On a more selfish note, we airheads would also benefit from this tremendous archive of airhead knowledge.
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    Some thoughts on an airhead wiki...

    A physical printed paper publication such as an "Airhead Service Guide" is not really practical. First, it costs a lot of MONEY&TIME to develop, assemble, edit, illustrate, print, publish and distribute. After the cost of development and self-publication, how many copies do you think it would take to recover the investment? At what retail price per book? Not talking about a profit, just recovering costs. The numbers just don’t support a physical book. Few people decide to own and operate an airhead these days. Fewer still have the skills to do even basic maintenance (which becomes obvious reading the airheads 'Garage' pages). Far fewer people go deep into their twins to perform major service and hardly anyone is actually becoming proficient enough these days to even call themselves a pro because it takes tools, time, money and customers willing to entrust their mounts to the 'new guy'.

    A 'Wiki' though can be economical to operate from a website such as the MOA, combine the experience of many individuals and become a useful reference source right away to the largest possible group. The process of managing and presenting the information needs to be done while there are still folks available who have useful knowledge to ensure that the entire project accurately portrays correct service technical details - and - technique.

    There is a perfect example of an outline for an airhead Wiki in the BMW factory service manuals such as the 1977 publication. I've always appreciated owning a copy of the accompanying 1977 parts catalog too which gives one a picture of how things go together and now days, shows you what was once a available and now NLA. The factory numbering system would help to organize the project, links between those ‘Snaab’ catalog images, service info text and video.

    Each service manual section would include the original factory information by numbered section – Example: 11 – ENGINE. The section would then be expanded to include in-line web links plus: 11.1 - the information we all know was left out because it was part of the factory service school training and 11.2 -the best available technique from the current super-users. There would be component 11.3 - describing the original factory tools and how to obtain them or make an acceptable substitute and, a component 11.4 - describing ways to make replacement hard parts or, find suitable substitutes. A subset of information 11.5 - would be contained additional links (not found in line) to the variety of sites with excellent video presentations of service processes. Last, a section 11.6 – containing links to resources for parts all over the world.

    Something to think about- If Oaks material was not directly incorporated into this Wiki, with the continual updates to each section his information would eventually become part of it anyway because his practices are generally accepted.
    John D'oh

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