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Thread: Hexhead GSA windshield on a GS

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    Hexhead GSA windshield on a GS

    Is the GSA windshield support bracket all that is needed to put an oil cooled 1200 GSA windshield on an oil cooled 1200 GS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2slowwheels View Post
    Is the GSA windshield support bracket all that is needed to put an oil cooled 1200 GSA windshield on an oil cooled 1200 GS?
    you should check to find the part numbers...


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    Different part numbers, different windshields, different bikes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2slowwheels View Post
    Different part numbers, different windshields, different bikes.
    Which doesn't mean it won't fit. A match would mean it would fit. A mismatch means it might or might not. Usually not but you can't tell for sure.

    Example: The 17 inch rear wheel from a 1998 K1200S is a fine replacement for the 18 inch rear wheel on the R1100RS Oilheads. Direct bolt on with 5mm different length bolts. You would never, ever discern this from parts numbers for the wheels or the bolts. Just astute observation that this looks like it might work. So when the optional 5.5" wide wheels for the K1200 became widely used as an option, low or no mileage 5" wheels became readily available at several dealerships. I bought two wheels at the whopping price of $100 a wheel. And good 17" tires were much more available than 18 inchers, so what's a guy to do setting his wife's bike up for the Iron Butt Rally?

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    Paul is right (as usual). If the numbers line up, it's easy. If not, well, you have a bit of sleuthing to do. I put a 5" wide R1100S wheel and an R1150GS suspension on the rear of my R1150R and everything fit if used together, but the parts fiches would never have pointed there.


    It also has a K1200RS front fender on it to replace the ridiculous "cocked hat" front fender it came with (which wouldn't clear the Hannigan fairing)...


    But back on topic, the 46 63 7 694 395 bracket is all you need to put a GSA windscreen on a GS. The only problem is that BMW wants over $300 for the silly bar. Cee Bailey used to sell an equivalent bar for $139 but they have exited the motorcycle business. I have a Cee Bailey bar that I am not using if you are interested, but there are a number of aftermarket screens that work better than the GSA screen. Some of them, the ones designed for GSA bikes, also require the 46 63 7 694 395 bar. If you are interested in used aftermarket screens that cost less than just the BMW bar, I have a National Cycle VStream which requires the bar and a Parabellum that does not. Both are better than the GSA screen. I may have a Givi AF330 screen for it as well. It doesn't require the bar and had the neat ability to remove the top adjustable section for a low summer screen.

    Here's the Parabellum on my GS...


    I collected all of these on my way to an Aeroflow screen while trying to eliminate the helmet buffeting at speed. The Aeroflow worked the best, but still not perfect. It turned out that most of the buffeting is caused by the wide bars, mirrors, and hand guards. When I removed the hand guards and replaced the mirrors with bar-ends, the buffeting was essentially gone. When I replaced the wide bars with a set of Rizoma narrow bars, the buffeting was completely cured.


    Now I can put the other screens back on and everything is still fine. I think most people are attacking the wrong problem by changing screens on a GS. I believe this from having done it and I have the pile of aftermarket screens to prove it.

    By the way, the parts fiche wouldn't tell you that an RNineT final drive will work on a GS either...


    But here one is. The only difference is that it is black, which I prefer...


    Nor would the fiche tell you that the 2005-2007 GS alloys shown here will fit the 2008+ bikes. But they will. The functional difference is that the ABS system changed in 2008. If you put a later ABS sensor ring on the early front wheel, it works "a treat" as our British friends would say.
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