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Thread: Refreshing Glenlivet's ride

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    View of the nose after two light applications of plastic filler to eliminate a wave in the original fiberglass. The high spots visible on either side of the green filler post-sanding tell me I need another light layer. The waviness in the original fiberglass was just barely visible, but I could see it against the straight edge of the lightbar.

    When I started fiberglassing the unsightly seam between the halves of the tub last month, I started on the side facing the bike figuring that my skills would improve as I gained experience, so the side the public saw should be the last part I did. It worked out well. By the time I got to the right side of the tub I'd already made every imaginable mistake and learned from each. The right side was nearly perfect, with only a few very slight imperfections that need plastic filler.

    Even though the shallow spot was less than two inches across, to avoid ripples each layer of plastic filler has to cover the entire width of the area being worked. All this fresh filler has to cure, then be sanded with care to the desired curve

    I mixed almost enough filler to coat the entire right side...but not quite. I'll catch the residual on the next layer. In the meanwhile, more sanding.

    As I sand the light green filler, high spots show as the black gelcoat is exposed. All the truly high spots had previously been ground down and covered with fresh fiberglass. The two large black spots in this photo are about a millimeter higher than the filler around them. So more filler, more sanding

    The next sanding reveals no major high spots remaining. I sand away the filler till the gelcoat just begins showing in multiple locations and the surface is free of waves and ripples. The darkest spot up forward is not a high spot, but where the side of the tub begins curving into the narrow nose. I've placed the clamshell lid atop the tub in this shot. Because it needed no modifications and there were fewer imperfections, most of it is still covered in gray primer.

    Frontal view with the lid in place shows one small high spot on the right, but it's barely noticeable by feel and will be behind the lightbar.
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    Work on the nose continues as I shift from the bottom half to the top. There are some significant waves in the original fiberglass with as much as 1.5mm variation from the high spot to the low spots. Over the years I've noticed the waves when the light was just right, but it never bothered me all that much. To Miyagi-San, a retired autobody perfectionist, it was an affront! The rig must be perfect before it leaves his shop. So I mixed up a batch of plastic filler and using the widest applicator, spread a relatively thick layer on the nose. The first layer goes on heavy and is sanded down till the high spots appear. Subsequent layers are much thinner, but are also sanded down till just a thin film remains. Remember from previous posts that the truly egregious high spots had been ground down and repaired with fiberglass, then topped with glaze. When I mention filler I'm not talking about your grandfather's Bondo.

    Post-cure, with sanding well underway. When dealing with straights, curves, and transitional compound curves one must be careful and use a variety of sanding blocks. I appear to be getting the hang of it.

    The propane delivery truck showed up at noon. With the paint booth now usable, Miyagi-San pushed his 150cfm compressor outside and setup his sandblaster. It was a fine Vermont day, bright and sunny, so I carried the subframe outside and prepared to sandblast it.

    Dressed like an Ewok, I blasted the subframe (pausing so my mentor could flip it for me) then the swingarm which I had forgotten to do in my cabinet blaster. As soon as the backlog of paint jobs clears the paint booth, the freshly blasted parts will get epoxy primed.

    '18 R1200GSA and '12 R1200GSA for solo rides
    '10 R1200GSA with Hannigan sidecar for rides with Glenlivet
    '15 Honda CRF250L for exploring places I'm afraid to take the big GSA!

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