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Thread: 80cc Gas-Powered Bicycle - No License required?

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    80cc Gas-Powered Bicycle - No License required?

    I saw this item online today. Looks a bit nutty to me:
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    In New York, if it has a top speed over 30 mph, a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license is required.
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    There are a lot of 2-stroke "import" kits around to power a bicycle.......They look like fun. Probably would have decent longevity as long as they were not run flat out or pulled a lot of hills.
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    Under 50cc in my area so that wouldn't legally fly, but I doubt any LEO would worry about it. On the other hand most bike paths here are no engine powered bikes. Even one of these little add on units would get you in trouble. Just as long as you were on the public streets you would get away with it.

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    Nutty? Oh, I don't know.... add a couple of sets of auxiliary lights, a six gallon auxiliary fuel tank, RDL seat, some Jesse Bags, a NAV VI GPS and a few other items and you've got yourself the ultimate Iron Butt ride.
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    The guy in the video should have a plaid suit and a bow tie.

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    A friend put an engine on a bike when we were kids. It worked well but it's downfall was that tires didn't last but a few miles. Maybe bike tires are better made now.

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    Check out Motoped

    No affiliation, but I want one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by roncooper View Post
    A friend put an engine on a bike when we were kids. It worked well but it's downfall was that tires didn't last but a few miles. Maybe bike tires are better made now.
    I did that as a kid. Reversed the front and rear sprockets to gear it down, cut off the pedals, welded a steel rod on the right side of the pedal crank then used a centrifugal clutch to connect it by belt to a 3 HP Briggs motor. Added a front hand brake...but you still had to plan ahead for stopping! Joys of growing up on a farm with a full shop, including a welder.
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    Remember Yamahoppers?
    We used to only have one car and thought the Yamahoppers would be good for going to work.
    We didn't didn't keep them long as we did not think they were safe.
    Didn't have enough power to get out of their own way. Dragging your feet worked better than the brakes and
    the charging system did not have enough power for the headlight and turn signals.


    Got rid of those and bought scooters.
    They were great for riding to work and running errands.
    I rode mine all year unless there was snow or ice on the streets.


    It was a tight squeeze in a single car garage with one car, two scooters and two motorcycles.
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