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Thread: Dent in front Rim

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    Smile Dent in front Rim

    Hi All
    Looking for some advice, new member just on my trial 3 months awesome site. I purchased a 2011 R1200RT late this summer 80,000 km, my second BMW the first was a 2004 650 GS. I noticed the rim has a small dent from the previous owner. The tire does not leak and the bike does not have any noticeable vibration. Has anyone ever attempted to straighten a rim? I've read a few posts from other sites on this can be repaired. Did a quick search on here but did not see a thread that would pertain to this. Thanks for any info.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Woody's Wheel Works seems to be the favorite place for wheel and rim repair.
    Sometimes it's good to leave cosmetic blemishes alone. Post up a picture of the spot in question if you can.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    My rim damage was a tad more noticeable than yours sounds. And a new rim is really expensive! Good luck.
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    If you can post a picture of the damage it will help those offering advice. I agree with Gary's observation that sometimes just living with the dent is a smart decision. If the dent is not causing a problem, then fixing the damage may not make economic sense.

    Welcome to the forum. Where are you from? You will find it beneficial to put your location and model motorcycle ridden in your profile and/or signature line.
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    I had a dent on both sides and visible cracks around them on an 05RT, would not hold air. If it's a minor dent, and it doesn't drive you crazy, most likely will not be an mentioned, a picture will help.
    Woodys seems to be the place if you want to deal with it. A new rim is around $800 these days.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum as well
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