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Thread: '94 K75 Exhaust Sleeve

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    '94 K75 Exhaust Sleeve

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    I spent $5.50 on a sheet of copper to make a sleeve between the header and the muffler. I tried using copper gasket goo. It didn't hold up. After some adjusting the copper to size, I went for a test run today. No more popping.
    I have added connectors to run my Gerbings gear. On today's test run I plugged in the controller for the under jacket. It worked fine. I also ran the K with the running lights and the heated grips too. The whole system is doing alright.


    Copper Sheet01.jpg

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    Good job.

    For those that have access to a dealer, the factory exhaust gasket is : 18 12 1 457 142 GASKET $14.25

    Early Kbikes are blessed with a very robust charging system. They will easily handle whatever you throw at them, especially the later ones with the 50 amp alternator (black plastic rear cover).


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