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Thread: Final drive lube

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    Final drive lube

    I have a 2009 R1200GS with 24k miles. I bought it last year and I am in the process of changing the fluids and while doing so I decided to check the final drive gears and spline. There was literally no grease on the spline. My question is: do I need to lube/grease the splines. What I have read and seen on you tube calls for Molybdenum disulfide to be used. I finally found some in a spray form but not sure if that is good. The confusing thing is that I finally called a dealership and they said that they do not use the grease on the splines on and '09. This seems to contradict what I have read. It's a long drive to the closest dealership but I will make the effort if I need to in order to buy some. Also, I would like to confirm that I fill the final drive through the speed sensor port. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    It sounds like the grease used on the splines is what your looking for.... Here is a good thread-
    Enjoy the forum.
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    In post 6 of the referenced thread Paul Glaves describes a mixture he has used and recommended. I began using the same mixture 7-8 years ago based on Paulís recommendation and it is very durable. Wurth Sig 3000 grease is ultra sticky and formulated for use in high pressure situations. When mixed with a moly grease the resulting mixture provides the lubrication and adhesive quality that does the job.
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    The splines connecting shaft to the final drive are not typically lubed originally on these models.
    From experience with older models, it was a regular habit and some current bikes have shown some serious rust at the interface. Most of us just do it out of habit as it can't hurt.

    The spline lube most talked about is the engine output shaft to the clutch which on earlier models caused shifting/ clutch operation issues.It doesn't seem to be an issue for the Hexheads and beyond.

    The 09 can be filled thru the speed sensor or the allen headed plug to the left of the sensor.The speed sensor is easier as you would remove it anyways when you lower the drive. The allen plug has a crush washer, the speed sensor an o-ring.

    Thats a low mileage 09 My 09 GSA sits around 140K.
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    On my 07RT spline, I use either: Castrol Optimoly Paste TA or Honda Moly 60

    For the FD fluid I use: 2003-2009 Land Rover Range Rover Differential Oil - Rear Differential - Castrol LRN7591 - Syntrax Long Life; Equivalent to: Castrol SAF-XO (But half the price)

    Make sure the rubber boot is well seated. This is were the water can get in and cause the U-joint to rust and break (DAMHIK)
    I use Staburags NBU 30 PTM grease

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    Final drive lube

    To everyone:
    Thank you all for you quick and thorough response! As for the miles; I hope to get the bike "caught up." Glad to be a member as I have many more questions and look forward to taking part in the conversations. Thanks again for the final drive answers.

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