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Thread: Mick in Central CA

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    Mick in Central CA

    Hello - Mick here from Bakersfield. Just bought a 2014 G650GS Sertão, with500 miles on it!

    Super excited to get back on a bike after so many years, and love the Sertão.

    Will be buying some basics coming up, any feedback is appreciated:
    1. Givi Outback side cases - thinking 37 liter over the 48 liter
    2. SW Motech crash bars
    3. Rigid LED spot pods 3”
    4. H4 LED bulb with flasher

    Anyone have any recommendations on cameras?

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    Hi welcome to club sounds like you have a nice bike and a good idea how you want to equip it.
    I would suggest you post your questions again on the F bikes thumper forum and or the gear forum others have complained that F bikes do not get the love they deserve so post away than after post is up go to bottom of tread and look at similar treads.
    On the camera question let people know if you want to document nature’s beauty or document distracted drivers trying to get you.

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