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Thread: RS sidestand question

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    There used to be an airhead on the rally circuits where the owner installed a 1/8" wire rope through some pulleys up to a handle on the fairing. He'd pull the handle and down would go the sidestand way past the terminating point of his short legs. He had a problem and he solved it. I thought it was cool. Even at 6'-2" I have a Brown's stand on my R75 and a Surefoot stand from the UK on my monolever. I retained the OEM stand on the monolever and deploy both when there is unsure footing for the stand.

    The idea of removing either of these excellent stands to return to the original would require a high degree of factory engineer worship - much more than I possess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I just smile when I ponder how some of these things get their names.
    I wondered why Carl's famous stand and company were named Flying Teapot when I bought mine years ago. I meant to ask him during the transaction back and forth but forgot. Yesterday when I ready your comment Paul I decided what the heck, I should write him so I did. First letting him know how great the stand was and how it solved my issues with OEM stand deployment. It's not that I could not deploy it; it's just that it was a total PIA and a real leap of faith to use your words! I also let him know I did some Googling and found three possibilities. One was correct.

    He wrote back and told me the name comes from a trilogy of albums released in the early seventies by a band called "Gong". Here's a snippet of his reply:

    Your research was well done. Yes, FTP is derived from the group Gong . Sadly, Daevid Allen and Gilli Smythe passed on several years back. This isnít from their Ďteapotí trilogy, yet you may enjoy it as it has to do with motorbikes:

    So there ya go! It is an ear catching name that is for certain. And I stand by my assertion that his side stand for the G/S is far superior than the one BMW designed. Yes, you have to remember to put it up before riding. No automatic spring return on it. But I'm not a young rider and I remember most bikes I rode from 1969 on had no safety springs on the side stands. You either remembered to put them up before riding off or you found out about your mistake at the next left turn. Hopefully you were not riding too fast and got an adrenaline rush and not some scrapes and bruises; maybe worse! It becomes muscle memory after a while and you just do it automatically right?
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