I think that it would be nice if all MOA National Rallies had paid help and absolutely no volunteers were needed.

But the truth is that is well beyond the financial means of our club to host a rally and still keep entrance fees reasonable. That is why our Summer "Get Together" Rally is so dependent upon members to offer three or four hours of their time as volunteers. The only people who are paid at the Rally are possibly six or seven MOA staff, the vendors and the fairground staff. Everyone else that are helping folks directing bikes or RVs, handing out door prizes, receiving & sending UPS parcels, handing out mugs, raising money for the rally charity, tabulating awards, presenting seminars and much, much more, are club members.

There have been many who have already committed to volunteer setting up the rally on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I know that once on site, many, many more members will offer to volunteer at our various venues. My concern is that there are a number of positions that lack a commitment to fill volunteer positions for opening day.

If you have volunteered at our rallies in the past, most all of you know that it is usually a rewarding experience of being an active part of the experience. For those who haven't tried volunteering at one of our events, try doing so; bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Check out the various volunteer positions listed below and do seriously consider being a volunteer for opening day. Of course some committees will be ready for the gates to open on the Thursday morning, but unfortunately, not all. Either contact a committee chair or me at my email address below.

Make the 2019 MOA Scoot Boot'n Boogie Rally the best one yet!


Paul rallyvolunteers@bmwmoa.org

Volunteer Positions and Volunteer Duties

5K Foot Race - Andrea Borella andiroadrunner@hotmail.com
∙ 6 volunteers, early Saturday a.m., 4 hr shift
∙ Help setup runners and assist recording results.

50/50 Tickets - Bruce & Miranda Sanders bruceandmiranda@outlook.com
∙ 10 volunteers per 2 hr shifts, selling 50/50 tickets to rally attendees.

Awards - Don Hamblin - BMWScooter@att.net
∙ Recording the attendees' mileage, age etc. who enter various riding contests. 2 volunteers per 2 hr shifts

Beer Garden - Jim “Mad Dog” Faucher fauchersj@charter.net
∙ Volunteers collect money or are serving beer to rally goers.

Bike Wash - Milo Bunda - beemerbunda@sbcglobal.net
∙ 2 per 3 hr shifts supervising attendees bike washing and showing them the bike washing supplies

Charging Station - Ross/Jean Copas - rcopas@sympatico.ca
∙ Charging attendees phones, laptops etc. and handing them back.
∙ 3 volunteers, 3 hr shifts

Charity - Marc Souličre - beemer1@sympatico.ca & Susanna Parkhouse sluggobug@aol.com
∙ 2 people on Thursday from 12:30 to 3:15 to help with offsite Charity venue where an
Ice Cream Social is being held.
∙ Thursday and Friday, 2 volunteers from 4-7:00 pm. to sell tickets for the midway games.
∙ Saturday - 2 people from 1-4:00 pm. to sell tickets for the midway games

Coffee - Charlie Parsons 143bmw@att.net
∙ 2 people serving morning coffee - 4 hr shifts

Door Prizes - Perry and Annette Linn plinn01@netscape.net
∙ Volunteers make sure tickets go in the right bins, they help while people write thank you notes to those contributing Door Prizes, they welcome folks and other duties as assigned (sometimes individuals work on the computer).

∙ Three hour shifts, 5 people per shift. Door prizes closes at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Thursday and Friday, until 6:00 p.m.

Entertainment- Stage Manager Chair Phil Keppelman philkep@comcast.net
∙ 5 people per shift, assisting bands moving equipment

First Aid - Kelly Hochderffer Bunker7711@aol.com
∙ 4 people per 4 hr shift with First Aid background, assisting folks with health issues.

Ice Sales - Kent Ringstmeier beemericeman@yahoo.com
∙ 2 people per 4 hr shift,
∙ The Ice committee volunteers duties at the rally involve selling ice and supplying ice to the Go-fors Committee. You will be lifting bags of ice in 7 & 22 lb sizes. They will be handling money and making change. This is always done in a shaded or inside location.

MOA Gear Store - Jackie Hughes - galuprider@yahoo.com
∙ 8 people per 3 hour shift.- sales and assisting folks finding articles, operating cash, etc.
∙ Volunteers are needed on the Tuesday and Wednesday unpacking and setting up the store items.

Oil Change / Tire Pressure - Milo Bunda - beemerbunda@sbcglobal.net
∙ Showing folks where the tools and rags are located.
∙ 2 people per 4 hour shift.

Pin and Patch - Gary and Karen Pothoff glpothoff47@hotmail.com
∙ 4 people, 3 hour shifts, especially on Wednesday and Thursday to stuff mugs.
∙ Throughout the rally, handing out stuffed mugs.

Registration - 4 hour shifts - Karolina Francis
∙ Register rally goers and give them information about the rally.
∙ To sign up to register, go to the link below and register for a Registration shift

RV Camping 4 hour shifts - Tom Gary - tgary10445@aol.com
∙ Duties would be to operate, (2 volunteers) a separate gate for our RV campers.
∙ Duties will include checking a RV camper arriving against a registration/reservation list that will be provided. Then directing them to locations allocated for RV camping.
∙ Volunteers will have a pop up, chairs and water.

Security - All Positions Filled

Sewing Booth - Linda Low lrlow2@gmail.com
∙ Sewing patches on jackets.
∙ 5 volunteers, 3 hr shifts

Shuttle Bus - Roc Shannon motoroc@ymail.com
∙ 2 drivers & 2 conductors per 3 hr. shift,
∙ 2 air conditioned trucks pulling wagons will be used in Lebanon .

Sign Production & Placement - Dan Steele gsaadv1@gmail.com
∙ 4 computer knowledgeable people per shift but mainly manual labour placing the new signs on boards.
∙ Might require the placement of rally signs around the fairgrounds.

Volunteers - Paul Ruffell moa2019volunteers@gmail.com or rallyvolunteers@bmwmoa.org
∙ 5 volunteers per shift, 3 hour shifts, assisting rally attendees with signing volunteer for shifts to be filled for all committees still in need on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday.