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Thread: Camping at Lebanon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Sometimes a nap is nice.
    I wouldn't say no to a shady nap spot
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    Camping link to Land Between The Lakes the basic camping good deal $30 a year camp as much as you want

    Talking about before or after rally camping
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    Quote Originally Posted by 075038 View Post
    Shade: When the sun sets we get shade. So much effort seems to go into daytime shade. I try to enjoy the rally outside of my tent during daylight and have little need for daytime shade.

    You must not have spent much time in the South, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 179212 View Post
    Tennessee seems to me to have lots of speed zones designed to collect revenue, a state park 10 miles from town, I would drive carefully and watch for speed limit changes at the bottom of hills, after curves etc.

    Eh, it's not that bad, IMO. Most of the area in Wilson Co is clearly marked & so forth. The lowest speed limit I'm aware of is something like 40mph with the possible exception of the town square. Wilson Co cops are usually pretty laid back, IMO. Unless of course one acts like a yankee jackass............

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