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Thread: Camping at Lebanon?

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    Camping at Lebanon?

    Has anyone scoped out the camping or RV areas at the 2019 Wilson Co Fairgrounds rally site?
    Any comments on grass or shade trees or maybe the number of RV sites? Will this be a good site for campers or should we look for off-site accommodations?
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    Well I am hoping for better conditions than the interment or POW camps in the other Lebanon.

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    There are hundreds of RV sites all with electricity and water. None have sewer connections, but pump out service will be available. There are more RV sites than we need and it looks to be a very favorable setup for us. Details and RV registration should be online Feb 1.

    There is also a ton of grass area and plenty of room for tents. Shade trees area a little harder to come by, but there are some shady areas along the tree lines. The trees tend to be farther away from “rally central,” but shade is available.

    The fairground is very spacious. I don’t think you will need to look anywhere else for camping.
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    Thank you Ted,

    Google maps and the Wilson Fairgrounds website didn't provide much detail on camping/RV accommodations. Nice to know there is plenty of space.
    -I just wanna ride on my motor sickle-

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    Thanks Ted - we have reservations at the KOA just down the road from the Ag Center because their website didn't offer much info. That KOA is already filling up. I'll wait to make final plans once registration opens up. Hopefully they will have more camping information available.
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