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Thread: How do I ship a vehicle from Bulgaria to Canada?

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    How do I ship a vehicle from Bulgaria to Canada?

    Hi all, new member here.

    Wanting to ship a vehicle internationally for the first time. Was told to ask here. Not specifically a bike, but a land cruiser in this case. Hoping someone here may have experience in this to share.

    I'm on the west coast of Canada, my thought is that shipping from Bulgaria to Montreal and enjoying the drive home to Victoria (I'm guessing roughly $1000 - 1200 spent on diesel over 5000Kms) would be cheaper than shipping all the way home. I understand containerizing it is far safer, potentially twice the price vs ro-ro (roll on - roll off). Also, in a container you can pile in all kinds of spare parts, etc. whereas with ro-ro nothing that is not attached to the vehicle can accompany it.

    I've considered flying to Bulgaria and renting a berth on the freighter that my vehicle is on would ensure arriving in Montreal at the same time. I understand this is possible on many ships.

    Any experienced tips/tricks regarding alternatives, safety, cost savings, companies to use, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to your replies.


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    Welcome to the forum!
    No idea but it sure will be interesting to hear how your adventure turns out. Let us know.
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    Last time I shipped a vehicle (BMW 735i) was 1985 so I'm not certain about process etc since we have 9/11 in between. I'll ask a friend of mine who is a maritime engineer and regularly sails between the US and Europe. I'll post up what he's able to offer as far as information.

    Welcome here!

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    Are you saying you want to bring it in for a short duration or import (here to stay)?

    Short duration is possible but expensive.
    I've done research in the past to send bikes to Europe or the other way around and the are no real cheap deals. I would not recommend shipping any vehicle unprotected.

    Import is nearly impossible unless it meets very specific conditions. Importing a vehicle from other countries than the United States.

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    Have no experience here, so won't offer any advise. But this sounds like it would make for a great story. Either on-line here or in the magazine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalterK75 View Post
    Try this

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    Maybe buy a Land Cruiser closer to home? They made a bunch of them!
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    Sounds like fun, I've only shipped bikes around North America. Too bad as you can easily fly them on Air Canada. Keep us in the loop, we're interested in what you come up with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skibum69 View Post
    Sounds like fun, I've only shipped bikes around North America. Too bad as you can easily fly them on Air Canada. Keep us in the loop, we're interested in what you come up with.
    Pay closer attention. Asking about shipping a Land Cruiser, not a bike. Big difference. Tougher to fly it over unless you have access to a C-17

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    Since the OP has not logged in since 11-23-18 any farther posts are probably falling on dead air, or in this case bytes.

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