Damn, the scope of fires- again in California boggles the mind.
From CNN-
The toll
Here's the latest on the fires:
ē Camp Fire: The largest of the trio, the Camp Fire has burned 109,000acres and is 25% contained as of Sunday morning, according to Cal Fire.It's destroyed an estimated 6,700 buildings, most of which were homes.
ē Woolsey and Hill fires: Fire officials said Sunday the Woolsey Fire had spread to 83,275 acres and was 10% contained, up from 5% the night before. The smaller Hill Fire covered 4,531 acres and was 70% contained.Together, they're responsible for the destruction of 179 structures, but another 57,000 are threatened, according to fire officials.
ē Massive evacuations: More than 300,000 people have been forced from their homes statewide. The majority of those residents are in Los Angeles County, where 170,000 were evacuated.
I havenít been to California in a while and donít grasp what goes on there- in a number of ways. Anyway, hoping for the best for our Members and families.