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Well, the HexEZcan is a relay/fuze device completely separate from the bike's circuits, except that it takes signals from the canbus circuit to get signals for its own battery-supplied circuits. It has four circuits nominally available, two 10-amp circuits, and two 4-am circuits. One of the 10 amp circuits is intended for auxiliary lights, and has a dimming function--when used for lighting--controlled by the Wunderwheel. Instead, I used that circuit for my electric garments, which draw around 6 amps max (most of the time I use about 25% of "max."--gets too hot otherwise) The Wunderwheel provides more "positions" or heat settings--about 7--than typical heat controllers. To better sense (too hot or too cold) the heat change after an adjustment I put an incandescent pilot light in the circuit so I could quickly see the effects of my Wunderwheel heat adjustments. You can also turn it "on" or "off" by holding the turn signal switch for a few seconds. The Hex is more compact than the usual relay options, so easy to fit under a R1200GS rear seat. I like it because it simplifies wiring.