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Thread: SENA firmware update warning

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    SENA firmware update warning

    SENA just released a firmware update for most all of their headsets. my updates of a 10U and a 10 went smoothly....EXCEPT...

    if you use the "Handlebar remote", the one with the joystick, recommend that you DO NOT update your user guide or quick guide on computer or mobile phone. the new guide only addresses the functions of the newer style remote, which are very different. they deleted all references to function of the joystick style remote in the new guides. on the phone app the new guides overwrite the old ones and the old guides are not even available on the SENA site to go back.

    i spent some time with SENA tech support yesterday and they don't have a solution to this pretty simple problem. argh.
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    to late

    To late for me. I did it over the weekend. Good thing I have a hard copy.
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