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Thread: Our two MY17 GSA's both appear to have WHEEL / SPOKE issues.

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    Our two MY17 GSA's both appear to have WHEEL / SPOKE issues.

    The independent BMW mechanic who did our 12,000 mile service told me he had to tighten a bunch of spokes on our bikes. I didn't read that much into his comment, except - he actually checked our spokes! We are at 15K now.

    I went out yesterday and used the "ting" test on our bikes after reading a couple of threads on Adventure Rider. I looked at my wife's front wheel and I stopped checking when I hit 14 "dead" spokes - no ting, could move several of her spokes with my fingers. Looked at my front wheel, same story except I didn't do more than half the wheel.

    I have an appointment for middle of next week to take in both bikes to the dealer.

    Appears from the adventure rider forum BMW is having wheel issues that cause loose spokes - the solution is to replace the wheel, replacement wheels are from the Motherland and are taking 5 weeks or so to reach the New World.

    Is BMW having wheel issues that are causing loose spokes?

    Does anyone have a shop bulletin addressing wheels, spokes, hubs? The ADV Rider forums had MY 16, 17 and 18 bikes having issues.

    Will follow up after appointment with Dealer next week.

    I come from the dual sport side of the world. I've never had a wheel develop so many dead / loose spokes.
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    Well with the same year GSA, now I guess I gotta' go to the garage and do the "ping" test though I am just coming up to the 6000 mile mark. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Take it to a BMW dealer. Your independent guy may not have done you any favor by tightening the spokes. If you have more than a few loose spokes (7 is what I have heard) it appears BMW is replacing the wheels. Retightening several spokes without causing a problem with the wheel requires training and experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    Your independent guy may not have done you any favor by tightening the spokes. .
    I had the same thought.
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