Pevious owner mentioned/mumbled the steering head bearings are the type that fall all over the floor (like an old bicycle) upon disassembly. Later he mentioned he had taper roller bearings in the “extra” box. Just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Head shake at slow speed scared I the hell outta me. It has been many years since I felt that.
Bearings may not be the total cause but changing to new may bound to be better than 60 yr old bearings.

Barringtons “proprietary” description doesn’t tell me that what I have is correct.

With a $10 Harbour Freight digital caliper it says the bearings are:

ID 33.94 mm
OD 50.96 mm
Depth 12 mm

Do these bearings sound correct to anyone ?
Just trying to get prepared as best as possible.

Any tips are appreciated with this procedure.