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Thread: California

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    California? I just wish more people would cherish the golden state of mind called California and just stay there!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    That tears it! You're not helping matters tango!!
    Ha! Ha! So true! Hence, which is why I said I wince just a little every time I suggest a tourist visit my neck of the woods.

    It truly is a beautiful place to live, work and play. I feel fortunate to live in a place where people come to vacation. But when it comes to the old adage goes....”Some people make you happy when the come, others when they leave!” ;-)

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    Nick Kennedy
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    Boy I'd give Southern California a miss, and concentrate on central and northern California.
    SoCal these days is so congested its unreal. I'm sure there are still pockets here and there but Man what a Zoo!
    I was born in Venice Beach and was there until 1978, I have to go back once in awhile and the traffic is tough to take.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasnin View Post
    I live in the “real” Northern California, NorthEastern California to be exact. Come ride up here, lots of two lane black top with no traffic and mountains and/or high desert terrain! Living up here was a reason I got back into riding and bought my R1200RT! Ride safe, and if you do come up here, watch out for deer!
    You know, I didn't tell him about that area for a reason!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friedle View Post
    "Talk to me of Mendicino, closing my eyes I hear the sea." (Kate and Anna Mc Garrigal)

    Let me tell you Medocino Greeno.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    Let me tell you Medocino Greeno.....

    Frank already filled me in.

    Ride fast safely

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    Camarillo brillo anyone?
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