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Thread: Southwest Chicago area twisty roads ?

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    Southwest Chicago area twisty roads ?

    Hi, Are there suggestions for roads in the Chicago area you enjoy riding?

    Bluff road in Lemont (southwest Chicago) is short but enjoyable. Best to go from Lemont rd to Rt 53 west direction. Another is Argonne Lab park area.

    I see articles about highway 71 from Rockford to Ottawa. Starve Rock is a definite winner. Mississippi road and southern Illinois are some day trips, if I get down there.

    I am looking for places for short cruising. Thanks

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    Non-Curvy Non-Twisty Roads

    Canít help you much on twisty roads but want to exceed speed limit


    South of Illinois 17 east of Limestone take S 7000 or S 12000 from Rt. 17 take either road and head south easy to spot people who might disapprove with crops out you can see for miles.
    Also some nice roads Kankakee river area

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    Both sides of Kankakee river are good ideas. I've been down those over the years in car trips and once in a canoe. Thanks for reminding me.

    Highway 17 looks like a nice straight away.

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    Highway 61, head south to the delta country. May not be to twisty, but got to be better than southwest Chicago.

    Ride fast safely

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