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Thread: Schuberth SC1 Advanced Intercom question

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    Schuberth SC1 Advanced Intercom question

    Schuberth SC1 Advanced Intercom question. Has anyone bought this for the C4 helmet? My C3 helmet is on its last leg and I want to upgrade to the C4. Also, does the C3 handlebar remote work with the SC1 system?

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    I did not see any replies to your query, so I may add little info that may not really help all that much. LOL

    I did buy a C4 with the SC1. I have not fully utilized its potential (I have only had it for a month or so.) So far, I like the set-up. I have used it for bluetooth streaming music from my Android phone. Phone calls are acceptable to me. This is my first time with a helmet geared toward voice, music, etc. I intend to use it communicate with my wife's Shark helmet with a Sena 20S (to be installed.)

    I do not have the handlebar remote, but after some searching around, I still could not confirm if the C4 will work with the C3 remote. It seems logical that they should work together. It may pair up, but if you get the C4 and it does not, you can still operate the functions on the SC1 unit, via the buttons. I realize the handlebar remote is a safer alternative to reaching up with the left hand, but.......

    You may opt to contact Schuberth directly and pose that question before you spend anything on the upgrade. A lot of reviews of the helmet never really discuss the old remote usage.

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    It should work as the remote is designed to work with the SC1 Advanced as per the clipping below

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    Quote Originally Posted by lstayner View Post
    Schuberth SC1 Advanced Intercom question. Has anyone bought this for the C4 helmet?
    My wife and I purchased C4s and SC1 Advanced at the first of this year.
    At first the volume was way too low on the SC1. Engle Motors made some calls and it was decided I should change the firmware back to the original 1.0 firmware and this took care of our volume problem.
    We have the RC4 remotes and we do not use them because we can not feel the small buttons with gloves. The two buttons on the SC1 Advance mounted in the helmet are easy to feel.

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    Older handlbar remote

    Sena finally answered my question. The older handlebar remote will work with the newer Sena systems. That saves me a few bucks.
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