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Thread: Tricks to removing the oil seal

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    Tricks to removing the oil seal

    Hi, I'm replacing my rotor on my /5 and noted that I'm leaking a bit of oil from the seal. Is there a trick to removing (and replacing) the crank shaft seal?
    thank you Chuck
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    Chuck -

    Brook Reams has a very nice blog on the work he did on a R75/'s a section that deals with removing the crankshaft seal:

    I'm sure there are other ways...I was thinking that using sheet metal screws put carefully into the seal at a couple of places would let you use something like a slide hammer to pop the seal out. There are other Lisle seal pullers, some that look like a claw hammer that can be used to hook the rubber and lever the seal out.
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    Hi Kurt, Brooks blog is nothing short of a masterpiece. I have seen it but hand't see that post. Thank you, will read it now.

    C Routhier NY
    1972 R75/5
    1969 2002
    1982 528e

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    I removed the timing chest cover and did both seals that way, made it a piece of cake, but also a little more work t tear everything down and put back together

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