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Thread: 1996 R1100RT Center Stand Removal

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    1996 R1100RT Center Stand Removal

    On my R1100RT the center stand is getting sticky so I want to remove and lube the bushings. In both the Clymer and Hayes manuals I have it just says lift the bike so the center stand is free, remove the springs, and pivot pin bolts and the center stand should drop. Mine doesn't so any suggestions? See attached pic. 20181102_142246_resized.jpg
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    I'm not totally familiar with the workings of your center stand, but I notice there's at least one post in the Similar Thread pane at the bottom of the screen that has some info. It might be helpful. If not, hopefully someone with your bike/stand will help out.
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    Item 10 must be unscrewed (hex socket) from both sides.
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    Centerstand removal

    Got it off. Thanks for the tip. I don't think I would of figured it out that the bushing needed to be unscrewed with a hex socket. Hold on one side and unscrew the other side. ATTACH]71475[/ATTACH]
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    Thanks for that tip. I don't think I have taken mine off so it might turn into a little project over the winter.
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