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Thread: rebuilding rear shocks

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    rebuilding rear shocks

    Hi everyone, I've been gone for the summer (car racing season you see)
    but with winter approaching, I'm finally getting back to work on the restoration of my 1971 R75/5

    todays question is about the stock rear shocks.

    They are old...
    I'm still inclined to keep them as they are original
    can they be taken apart for cleaning
    can the springs be removed (for cleaning or replacement springs)
    can they be rebuilt?

    thanks for input
    I realize replacement may be the easiest route
    and I may need to go that way instead
    although I would want to keep the stock appearance on any replacement items
    and don't know how "original" replacements will look (should of asked this question also)

    thanks in advance

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    Can't say as I've heard of rebuilding OEM shocks...lots of aftermarket shocks can be rebuilt. As I recall, Max BMW offers a replica replacement...I think it is supposed to look like the originals:
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    I don't believe the originals are rebuildable. Most people order the ikon vintage ones that have the covers so they look correct.

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    Max BMW lists a non-rebuildable replacement rear shock hydraulic unit and springs for the /5. Your stock shocks must be disassembled to replace the parts which while not particularly difficult does require a shock compressor to get the top shock mount off (easily). You would spend around $225.00 each to keep the look and dampening stock and retain the aluminum cover. It should be noted that all 4 rubber/steel inserts in the shock upper and lower mounts should be replaced too at $35.00 each for another $140.00. The same $590.00 to rebuild 2 shocks with OEM parts will buy any one pair of a half dozen much better shocks several of which may be made to spec and rebuilt, shock and all, when required - for way less than $600.00. One maker, Ikon as noted earlier, offers a shock with the aluminum cover as original. Your /5 needs the suspension components, wheel bearings, swing arm and steering bearings to be in top shape to get a satisfactory ride and handling.
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