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Thread: AdMore light kit for Shad SH50 top case on a 2013 R1200RT

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    AdMore light kit for Shad SH50 top case on a 2013 R1200RT

    I want to pass on my experience with installing and using the AdMore light kit for the Shad SH50 top case. It is a nice kit with good instructions and a fairly simple installation procedure. I had to drill two holes in the case, which was a tad scary, but AdMore even supplied the larger drill bit in their kit.
    The only problem I encountered was the wiring harness to the taillights. It appeared they should plug together one way when the plugs needed to be turned around. Once this was done the lights worked perfectly. They are the run-brake-turn type with the turn signals showing amber.
    One "quirk": the taillights will stay on for about a minute or so after the engine has been shut down and the ignition switch turned off. I do not know why this is but it isn't a problem and does provide some light when it's dark.
    It appears to be a durable product, but as I've only had them installed for about a month, I cannot speak to this.
    Based on what I've seen so far, I do recommend AdMore's light kit. They make them for the Shad and the Givi top cases.
    2013 R 1200RT (90th Anniversary)

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    R100R Kit

    Just did the same install on my Givi E470 case and am very happy with the results. Same trepidation with drilling but all went well. No issue with tail light staying on momentarily after the key is turned off. I was amazed how bright and effective they are.
    Charlie P.
    1992 R100R

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