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Thread: Charging troubleshooting

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    Charging troubleshooting

    1970 R75/5 Gen light on when riding. It seemed to function fine when I first got this bike running. I had it disassembled for paint. Everything is working fine with the exception of charging. I can tell that there is no charging, as after a 20 mile or so ride the battery will take a charge for a while (more than an hour) from my CTEK. I keep the rpms up above 4k when riding.
    Is there a progressive troubleshooting path to follow?

    Thank you.

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    I recommend Rick Jones' book on Airhead Charging Systems for a comprehensive understanding of it.
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    How old is the battery?

    Check all your ground points on the frame for paint build up.
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    Start here and prepare to learn -

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    Quote Originally Posted by beemerphile View Post
    I recommend Rick Jones' book on Airhead Charging Systems for a comprehensive understanding of it.
    +1 on the Rick Jones booklet. Has a flowchart that takes you through component testing step by step. This takes the guess work out of charging system diagnostics.
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    OK, so you took stuff off the bike to paint the frame and then put stuff back on and now it doesn't work right. Rule 2 is to always go back and check your prior work. Diode board connections? Grounding? Alternator wiring correct? Voltage regulator wiring OK? And so forth.
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