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Thread: Bought an AeroFLow for my 12GS

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    Bought an AeroFLow for my 12GS

    I ordered it on Friday, two days ago. It should be in later next week, and on my bike soon thereafter. On the phone the AeroFlow folks seemed darn nice and knowledgeable.

    My only gripe about the 12GS is the incredible buffeting I experience at highway speed in heavy winds. Part of the problem is that I sit tall in the saddle (6'0" and only a 30" inseam) so there's a lot of me to hit. I bought a Laminar Lip as a possible cheap solution a couple of months ago, and it really works well (here's the link to my review). But the Lip has developed an obvious stress fracture over the right corner portion of the stock windscreen that one day will snap it in two. I'd rather replace it than experience the break down at 80 mph on some highway.

    After installation of the AeroFlow I'll post a review. Wish me luck!
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    Good luck and keep us posted...
    Keep the rubber side down!!
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    Any report from the pillion

    Any report regarding the noise and wind vis a vis from the pillion seat with regard to the AeroFlow?

    It's a great bike ... but the noise and buffetting is pretty awful!

    Ride well,

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