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Thread: F850 first impressions

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    F850 first impressions

    Had the chance to ride an F850 last week, thanks BMW! Nice bike, great ride, but a couple things stood out. I thought the cylinder for the shift assist looked to be very vulnerable to damage. Kinda hangs off the side, right above your boot, with no protection of any sort. Is this good design for an expensive bike they tell you to take off road?

    The center stand springs are also sticking out to the side, down low, in a potentially bad spot. And they just look ugly there. Nit picking maybe, but come on, this bike costs almost as much as the 1200. They couldn't find a better place for springs?

    Also not a fan of the gold wheels, just a personal thing I realize. But trying to make the bike look more like an Africa Twin? Looks a little nicer on the red white blue one, but otherwise, I would greatly prefer black. Not to mention, chain oil won't show near as much on a black rim.

    From the time they announced this model, it was almost a year before we got to see one. Now that I have seen it, I guess I am glad they made me wait. I'm not sure I want one anymore. Now I'm thinking, R1200GS or maybe a Super Tenere. I will give BMW a nod for the TFT display, and the thumbwheel, and Nav tie ins. Way ahead of the Super Tenere, and that may sway me yet.

    Just my $.02, or maybe, thinking out loud? Purchase is imminent, well, maybe I'll wait until Spring.


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    Quote Originally Posted by danpaddles View Post

    Also not a fan of the gold wheels, j
    The red or green GS has black wheels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    The red or green GS has black wheels.
    I was thinking the gold was an option. Okay, we will give them a few points for good taste!


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