Went out to set the digital clock on my antique R1100RSL and all I had to do was depress the one little button to advance the hour display, simple and still digital. What will they think of next?

Yup, lucky you living in a state of mind (AZ) where there is no DST. We have none other than Adolph Hitler and the emperor to thank for this DST fiasco. I have always wondered why they (whoever they is) can't just split the difference and call it good. Too simple I guess.

And now back to motorcycles. Oh, one other thing. Yamaha replaced the analog coolant temp display to digital in 2013 and now the digital temp display is not damped so when your ripping down the road the display is all over the map and pretty much useless. My neighbor with his 2015 FJR thought he had a problem and called the dealer to complain. The dealer said he'd look into it. Then he called me and I just laughed and told him welcome to the digital world. What a joke!

Kids that can't read an analog clock?? Take me right out and shoot me!

OK, now back to BMW motorcycles high tech wonders that they are.