Visitors actively listen to the guide as she explains what life would have been like for the monks among the challenging terrain. Thankfully, she kept it informative and respected the lives of the monks and didn’t even mention the word “Star Wars” once.

The myriad of grey lichen on the rock face creates natures version of modern art.

Walking back down to “Christ’s Saddle”. This was near the area where Ray handing Luke his lightsaber in the movie.

It’s quite amazing that a group of monks lived in this harsh and desolate environment.

Standing on the main walkway up to “Christ’s Saddle”. Another walkway continued upwards from the saddle area to the monastic site.

Returning to the “Wailing Woman” rock. The fog lifted enough to see Little Skellig in the distance.

Seabirds of various types live on this and nearby islands.

We never did see a Thala-siren, or get to taste their unique green milk. Apparently they migrate to the Faroe Islands during the summer *Picture from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The departing view of Skellig Island was better than when we arrived since most of the fog was cleared.

Little Skellig is not populated by humans so a quick boat ride beneath the rocky cliffs gave us a magnificent view of...

...the millions of birds roosting and flying around the island. It was awe inspiring to see so many birds squawking and flying around.

Each of those tiny white dots is a bird. Millions of them. Learn more about the various types: HERE

The last view of the Skellig Islands as we say “goodbye”.

Heading back to Portmagee.

Captain Dave even let me drive his boat back into port until just before we had to dock.

Thanks to Derek (left) and Capt Dave (middle) for a wonderful day. Thanks to for the memory and destination of a lifetime!