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Thread: '18 GTL does not recognize my Sansa Clip device

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    '18 GTL does not recognize my Sansa Clip device

    Well I'm back to BMW after a long vacation. Bought a '18 GTL and love it so far. I have used a thumb drive on it to play music with no issues. However, last night I tried to plug my Sansa Clip music device and listen to that but the bike did not seem to recognize it was there. I get the message "no usb" on the dash. Is it a software issue or what. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome back to BMW and the forum! I found a couple of older threads where people talked about getting the "no usb" indication. Maybe there's some ideas in them...I don't know if the problem is bike specific but likely not:
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    thanks. I will check them out. Bike goes for it's 1K check tomorrow. I may ask them as well

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