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    Cardo Connect

    Just bought a new Cardo Packtalk Bold communication set. Everything went well in the install and phone pairing. The only issue is that I can't make and receive phone calls. Should the Cardo unit be able to read my phone contact list and enable me to make the call from the list? The unit has voice activated capability. My phone is android/os and works hands free in my truck. When riding, I carry the phone in my jacket. Any help is appreciated.

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    I haven't placed too many calls, but when I have I just used the "Hey Siri" function. With Packtalk you can "Hey Siri" or "OK Google" to access the phone directly. You have to wait for Cardo to pass control to the phone first. So I do "Hey Siri", paused for Siri to respond, then said "Call so-and-so mobile" and she dialled away and I have my conversation. I'm sure you should be able to do the same with Android.
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    I just press and release the phone button.. wait for the beep and say "call whoever" or anything else you want to ask Google. It's also easy to program that button to speed dial to your most common call by holding it till the second beep.
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    You should be able to make and receive calls if you're dIrectly paired by tapping the phone button on your packtalk.
    Tap once and say "ok google" to get google to access you phone directory.
    If you're paired through your Nav, I don't know if google voice commands would work. I usually just select the on-screen answer button.

    As to voice (Vox) commands, there is no dial or call command except if you have one predefined phone number recorded.
    With voice command you can only answer or dismiss a call.

    I have my cardo paired to both my cell (S8) and my Nav V. It just works but I must say I never make calls while moving. I may answer if I know who's calling or just call them back when I can get off the road.

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    Thank you folks for the replies. All good suggestions and I'll try then all. Just a learning curve here I suppose.

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