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Thread: How do I not forget stuff? I keep losing things.

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    My passport wallet with passports stays in my left front jeans pocket when I’m flying, on the bike my travel wallet with passports stays in the same pocket always and the zipper is always closed. Ideally always left pants pocket.
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    Routine is best

    I can't tell you how many times I pulled away from a gas station on my Harley and left the gas cap on top of the pump. Since I got the BMW I don't have to worry about the cap. Thanks BMW for that design. It helps us who have CRS! I have a simple routine before I leave. Wallet in the right front pants pocket, key fob and house keys and knife in the right pocket, phone in the top left zippered pocket of the jacket, and lastly before I leave the bedroom, I tuck my 9mm Sig in my waist ban of the pants. When I get ready to leave after a stop, I touch every pocket where I placed items. If it's empty, then I go looking. Works for me.

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    Like Rinty, Skibum69, etc., what has worked best for me is using the same, specific place for things at all times. The second thing that I try to do faithfully is to not place things where I don't want them to be. If I can't accomplish that then I place them on the seat (not the passangers seat) or over the ignition. That way they are "in the way" if I go to leave without thinking about them.

    If none of that is possible/practical then I place my keys with the item(s).

    For me, I need a process/system that saves me from myself.
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    I always take one last walk/look around before leaving

    I put together lists before packing. It keeps me from forgetting stuff that i need. But while traveling, whether it's on the bike, or with the rv, i always take one last walk around before i leave to make sure that i didn't leave something on the ground, hanging off of the bike, in a tree, etc. Usually if i have forgotten something, it is my chin strap or something that isn't that big of a deal.
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    I agree with the ďsame pocketĒ mentality.

    Wallet always riding pants right side. Zipped after use.
    Phone always riding pants left side, zipped when not in cradle.
    Sunglasses always inside jacket pocket.

    Also. Remember not to put your items in dumb places, like top of the gas pump or on a nearby stone wall when making a stop. Youíre bound to forget it. Maybe put the item in your open trunk case so youíre sure, even if you forget to don it, itíll still be with you.

    óChris, who has lost many items along the way. Phones, money, sunglasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skibum69 View Post
    Rx sunglasses ainít cheap! My missus lost the first pair of Mauiís I bought her.
    A little off topic, but sunglasses are a lot cheaper at sites like
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    What were we talking about...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r184 View Post
    What were we talking about...?
    Getting old and forgetful; youíre fitting right in.

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