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Thread: Angled Valve Stems for 2003 K1200GT?

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    Angled Valve Stems for 2003 K1200GT?

    Has anyone found a replacement tire valve stem for the front wheel of a 2003 K1200GT? The brake disks make checking and adding air pressure more difficult than it should be, especially on the road. A 90 degree or even an angled stem would be better. I have tried the 90 degree screw-on extension but it is also too close to the disks. All the aftermarket 90 degree one I have found are too small for the hole in the rim.

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    Alternatively, short metal stems with Garmin (if you already have a zumo), or FoboBike tpms means not have to check the tire pressure.. (Iíve been using $100 FoboBike for the last year and they work perfectly!)

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