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Thread: '87 K75C Cable snap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soocom1 View Post
    I am wondering if there will be a fair amount of stretch over the next few weeks, and what I should be looking for.
    There should not be noticeable stretch any time soon.
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    You would be well served to get a Clymer's manual for your bike.

    Here's a link to a description of the clutch adjustment procedure from IBMWR:

    After setting the proper stick out of the cable with the adjuster at the lever, freeplay is adjusted underneath at the transmission. Then the retract mechanism is adjusted by the chrome rod near the side stand.

    One noted difference; if you have a factory style cable that has a nylon/teflon inner liner, do not lube the cable. It will soften the liner and attract grit. Only lube the barrels.


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    Well once I lubricated the side stand it actually retracted.

    The clutch is pritty much where it needs to be. I nust need to test ride it.

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    On my last K75, I could reduce cable life exponentially because it was part of the side-stand retract mechanism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselyoda View Post
    On my last K75, I could reduce cable life exponentially because it was part of the side-stand retract mechanism.

    Yep - my dad uses his clutch handle to retract the side stand, while I generally use my foot - guess who's gone through a lot more clutch cables?
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    Oh and no I don't use the clutch cable to do that trick either.
    i just found out about that on Friday when I lubricated the components.

    What is interesting though is that the bike rides much differently now. smoother in fact.
    I don't know if that's good or bad!

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    Although a small niggle, I've never figured why bmw didn't just put a side stand lockout switch like most other manufacturers. While my k75 (1993) side stands design is a giant improvement over my airheads self retracting side stand, it still leaves a lot to be desired, imo. Mine is adjusted correctly and will come up with the clutch arm, but i always just use my left foot too, it seems to put unnecessary stress on things to use the clutch lever. Chunk.

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    Given my Harley, the center stand was a godsmack to me.
    But I use it exclusively because of the smoking issue.

    if i keep the bike any length of time on the side, it'll smoke like a nicotine addicted dragon.

    So to avoid the issue altogether, I just centerstand the bike and use the side stand when I bring the bike down.

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    A shout to all who put in information and the manuals and other literature sent my way and thank you all who gave the information needed. It is highly appreciated.

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