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Thread: Crash Bars / Anti seize

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    Crash Bars / Anti seize

    I knew I should have put anti seize on the bolts when I installed the bars a couple of years ago, but I didn't. I did get lucky today and only a little alum. came out on the threads as I took the bolts out. Maybe this will help someone who might be thinking about a set of bars.

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    Good lesson for everyone, thanks for posting. I apply it to everything except lug nuts.
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    I made the same mistake.
    I have Ztechnik bars on my ‘11 RT, and I have to remove them every time I do plugs, and now when I want to take off my pipes for a recoating.

    I won’t make that mistake again.

    But remember to lower your torque values, because now you are lubricating the bolts/screws. I drop values by 20% (my own engineering estimation).


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    There is a product Teff Gel, commonly used on boats where stainless bolts screws ect attach to aluminum.
    I, have used it for years never had a problem with hard to remove bolts screws , and never had one back out.

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