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Thread: K1 oil/water pump rebuild

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    K1 oil/water pump rebuild

    my 1990 K1 has oil drip from weep hole under water pump anyone have a parts list or know of a rebuild kit ?
    thanks Ernie

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    From an older post within the ones in the Similar Threads pane below, I figured I'd check Motobins. They show an oil/water pump repair kit...currently shows under 30 British pounds. So, there appears to be sources out there.
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    I rebuild them, and usually have all of the parts in stock. There are a few special tools that greatly simplify the process, so it's not a great DIY project.
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    It seems like every 80's vintage K I owned would leak coolant, usually within a year of my buying it (used). I did a lot of oil/water pump rebuilds, back when BMW sold a kit. Did them with no special tools as I recall.
    When I moved up to 90's vintage K11s, the first rebuild I did failed, as it continued to leak. At that point I switched to buying used pumps instead of rebuilding. Never went back.

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