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Thread: Reset service icon on dash

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    Reset service icon on dash

    I have a New to me 16 RTw, I just finished the 24K service and at 23980 a lil service symbol showed up. SOOO, how does one reset this silly thing without going to the dealer. Yes I know I didn't have the bike hooked up to anything while I did the service (my bad). Thanks as always in advance to any and all answers

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    I'm no expert, but as far as I know, It's the dealer or one of those 911 tools or a friend that owns one.

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    Google "Motoscan". Itís an app. Lots of BMW rider users. Has GS911 functionality for way less $.

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    If all you want is to reset the service reminder, get the Motoscan Premium ($) app for Android. The free app lets you read only.
    You will need an OBDII Dongle such as the Scan Tool MX and an OBDII to BMW 10 pins conversion cable.

    Some of the menus are in German but you can get by.

    If you plan on working on the bike and testing/fixing issues, get the GS-911 Wi-Fi. ($400USD)

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