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Thread: Tank Bag and Accy's for R65LS

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    Question Tank Bag and Accy's for R65LS

    This weekend, my wife and I became the proud new owners of a beautiful 1982 R65LS (which is going to be "her" bike, and a backup commuter bike for me when my R1100RT is sprawled across the garage floor in itty bitty pieces! ). I have already managed to locate some factory original bags and bag mounts for the bike, but I need a few other things:

    1) What is the recommendation for a tank bag? Is there a BMW original tank bag for this bike, or is the consensus to go with an aftermarket bag?

    2) I noticed that there are KONI's (renamed "ikon") shocks for these bikes. Is it worth the investment? (I love the Ohlins on my R1100RT )

    3) What was included in the original tool kit and was there a tire repair kit? I'm not sure if I've got all the tools, etc. for this bike.

    4) Any ideas as to whether I can still get original Owner's Manuals for the R65LS? I have the owner's manual, but it about fell apart in my hands it's so old and brittle. Looks like an artifact recovered from the Titanic!

    Anything else I should know about these bikes as a new owner? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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    There's a great resource for these little bikes over at
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    I just put a set of the IKON's on my R100RS a month or so ago, and like them a lot. They have adjustable preload and damping, and seem to be for the most part identical to the old KONI's.
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    Owner's Manual is still available and your dealer can look in his/her parts system to determine contents of toolkit. I prefer the BMW Multivario tankbag. It fits.
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