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Thread: Biketoberfest 2018

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    Biketoberfest 2018

    I'm sort of surprised to find no mention of the Daytona Beach Biketoberfest 10/18-1021/2018. There used to be a pretty good turn out of airheads and
    others that had a showing at the Sunshine Campground just North of Ormond Beach off I-95. Also, Daytona BMW had some nice displays and demos. Has all this
    become just a memory?

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    The dealer had a number of people around on Thursday and the demo rides appeared to have riders. After having missed both Daytona events for several years it seems there is less traffic each year or else it may have just moved up to Destination Daytona. The vendor area at the track was way down from the past. The Thursday afternoon ride down Main Street was almost no stops.

    I cannot sleep on the interstate shoulder due to the noise and have gone elsewhere. The track has been the best deal in town, but now they are charging for camping in additional to a ticket for the day starting this March. I stayed in the Ocala National Forest, but this is a long way from town, but at least was quiet, did not need a reservation and was open when I needed it.

    March will probably find me at the the track at least for the Supercross with grandson and his Dad. Three generations watching.


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