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Thread: Heated Grips

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    Heated Grips

    2011 R1200RT, took a ride yesterday and found the left heated grip was not working high or low right grip working normally. GS911 showed a fault that I cleared but after another ride heat still not working and fault returned. Does anyone have trouble shooting info and is replacement something the average owner can do?
    Thanks all for the info

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    A 2 on a 10 scale. Laying the connector back in the switch cluster is sometimes finicky, but doable.

    The darn things have increased in price again, near $125 each, the fiche has the right one higher now , a call to the parts guy may sort that out

    What was the fault code?
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    What was the fault that was displayed?

    Roger L

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    Fault Code

    Looks like the fault code is 41741: Heated Grips, open-circuit
    I should probably start taking grip assy apart and make sure all connectors are on and wiring ok.
    I'll be out of the area for a while so it'll have to wait, besides almost ot cold and wet to ride right now

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