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Thread: broken tappet 2007 1200RT

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    broken tappet 2007 1200RT

    Rode my friends 1200RT from Pittsburgh PA to Birmingham, Alabama for Barber vintage motorcycle festival. 100 miles from AL, clutch lever would go to handle grip and not disengage clutch. The last 100 miles were not not pleasant. Had motorcycle flat bedded to Big #1 Motorsports in Al. Kyle Jackson, the service manager, had a diagnose and report operational problem completed on the bike. Came back that they felt the slave cylinder was "wet" but not leaking badly. Spent 164.00 to diagnose problem and add fluid. Picked up bike and rode less than 10 miles and realized problem was not fixed. Had motorcycle flat bedded back to shop and waited 3 days for a slave cylinder to be sent to shop and replaced. Decided since bike was in shop, to have the throttle bodies synchronized and the valves adjusted. Got a call from Kyle that one of the tappets had broken and they could only find 1/2 of it. When asked my options he said: Remove heads and hope to find remaining half or split the cases and look inside engine. The bike has 87,000 miles on it and I felt Kyle was an honest man who tried to help and out of towner.
    Flew back to Pittsburgh and returning to haul bike back home Any thoughts or suggestions? I've recently returned to riding after a 20 year hiatus and am not a mechanic.

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    Well, a couple of thoughts.
    A wet slave and the need to add fluid is a failure to me. They do not get better and can weep all onto the least that is fixed. It's a straightforward diagnosis and seems a high charge...but that's me.

    Broken tappet sounds bad. Is the nut and adjuster missing or did the rocker arm actually break? I would like to see a picture.A request to Kyle is not out of bounds for clarification.

    If the nut and adjuster is missing, you can expensively chase it, or just wait for it to eventally fall out of drain plug. Most likely it will just sit in sump and the chance of it getting into anything are slim.
    Many an Oilhead model with a nut in the sump I have come across and tearing down an engine wasn't typically an option.

    Is this a generic shop or are BMW's involved?
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    Thank you. At least now I have some questions I can follow-up with Kyle. It is an authorized BMW shop.

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    I have seen a couple things fished out of the sump with a flexible magnetic pick up through the drain hole, but there is probably a degree of luck to that

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