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Thread: Sold My R60/2

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    Sold My R60/2

    I sold my '67 R60 a couple of weeks ago for $3000. It was running and the buyer took it for a lap around my yard. The machine had original paint and striping but there was a dent in the tank. The seat had an amateurish recovering job by parties unknown. There was a gear oil leak from the rear drive assembly and oil leaks from the bottom of the engine. I bought this machine in 1991 from a guy I knew that had a need for cash to fix a welding job he screwed up. I had contemplated restoring it at some point, but given that I have 7 other bikes, the /2 had become a hanger queen and I realized that some of the other bikes (like my R90S) were more important to me. Thanks to everyone on this forum that gave me tips on getting the bike running.

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    Sounds like a good decision and a new owner will begin to enjoy her. I have a rough time getting arms around my three bikes!
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