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Thread: Hello from NC

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    Hello from NC

    Yesterday, I picked up my 2018 GSA from Motorcycles of Charlotte. Overall purchasing experience was excellent. I dealt with Greg North and Steve Palmer, who were top notch to work with. After picking the bike up, I rode through Chimney Rock and rode on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I can already tell that I am going to rack up some miles on this bike. I didn't realize these bikes were so much fun to ride.


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    Welcome aboard. Congrats on the bike. It looks really good. Must be wicked colourful in the mountains at this time of year.
    Ride safe.

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    Nice bike! If you'd like to have some fun with this thing, check out the GS Giants.

    The Adventure Ribfest is this coming weekend, just west of Nashville. That's a good opportunity to go out and get'r dirty!


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    Welcome to the forum!

    If you like the Blue Ridge Parkway, you will LOVE the Ozarks, the NM-AZ border region, southern Utah, western Wyoming, well, you get the idea: come west young man, come west!

    Good luck.
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    Do you live in the Charlotte area? I am in Belmont.

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