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Thread: Motorcycle Related Podcasts

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    Motorcycle Related Podcasts

    Does anyone know of any good motorcycle related podcasts?

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    I've been hooked for months on reading the journals of Striking Viking. His incredible pictures and the adventures posted on advrider have kept me enthralled.

    Now there are webcasts at:

    Other topics there too, but Striking Viking is my fav.

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    a month or so ago there was a podcast of an interview with Andy Goldfine ( founder of Aerostich.) I listend but didn't save them, search the ADV rider site for details.


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    This is some of whats available for free if you have access to itunes. Go to the itunes store, Click on podcast and do a search on the word motorcycle. Itunes is a free download for both Mac and PC Platforms. The only one below I can vouch for is the motogpod which during the season tracked all the races and supplied interviews and commentary.

    Motorcycle Podcast Group Round Wheel
    The Motorcycle Diary
    The Twisted Wrist Podcast
    V-Twin Journal
    Biker B.S.
    Turismo Cycles Podcast
    A Century Of British Motorcycling
    Roadracer Podcast
    Radio Free Biker
    The Kneedraggin‘«÷ Podcast
    The HOG Cast
    Chopper Kast from Count's Kustoms, Las Vegas
    Vinny's Garage
    Lucas County Choppers
    Roadfly TV: Road Tests & Car Reviews
    CBR1100XX Owner's Org Podcast
    Ear Shots Collective Podcast
    Sticky Pod Vodcast
    All Things Ducati
    Biker Billy Audio

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    Is this form of media somehow inherently better for other than tech-fan reasons? (Veg says, after posting in the luddite thread)
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    Just some more ways to clog up your ears with audio content

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    Better form of media???

    Quote Originally Posted by The Veg
    Is this form of media somehow inherently better for other than tech-fan reasons? (Veg says, after posting in the luddite thread)

    I doubt that it is better, just another option. I provide tech support for an online 4-12 school in Alberta and I hear many discussions by the teachers regarding how to better deliver the courses to the students. While they don't currently use podcasts to deliver course content, it has been suggested that they (the school) try podcasts as a form of marketting.

    I think a podcast of motorcycle related topics would probably be really good for the person on the go. Download the podcast to your iPod and listen to it while you sit in an airport while waiting for your connecting flight. Would I subscribe to or download a podcast just to listen to it on my computer? Probably not. But that's just me. I prefer paper based magazines to most electronic forms of distribution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by selil
    I listen to my PodCasts (iPod not required as it works on any MP3 player)...
    I tellya, Apple's luck in this segment is simply amazing. Podcasts are just audio or video files that one downloads and listens to later. Or streams them.

    How they wound up being called Podcasts is beyond me. This type of content has been around for years.

    iTunes does have a decent interface for watching/listening to them, though...

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    The Motocast feed is:
    Striking Viking and the Andy Goldfine interviews are all in there.
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